Mt. Vernon Church of God: What Were About

Mt. Vernon Church of God is a church that believes in relationships. Our mission is to help you develop and mature your relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish our mission through preaching, teaching, worship, and fellowship. Sunday morning is a time of power infused relevant worship, followed up by anointed preaching of the Word of God. Wednesday nights are a time of discipleship and Bible study for all age groups. Throughout the week Mt. Vernon Life Groups meet at various times and places to build relationships and build spiritual maturity.
At Mt Vernon Church of God we believe that anybody can follow a set of religious rules and regulations and still lack what it takes to live a power filled Godly lifestyle with eternal significance. But when you live in a loving vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, the rules take care of themselves.


Mt. Vernon Church of God Identity

We are a church that:
1. Desires to be led by His presence rather than driven by programs.
2. Prefers mission over maintenance.
3. Focuses on our destiny over our history.
4. Chooses the unpredictable over what we have planned.
5. Fosters a culture of mercy rather than judgement.