I have asked this question on social media this week and I am getting many different responses. Some are serious, some are silly and some are spiritual. Many times we tend to define ourselves by what we do or who we are associated with. However the Lord has been dealing with me lately that we are not to define ourselves by what we do, or who we associate with but by who He is. We should see ourselves first and foremost as a child of God, with all the rights and privileges that being adopted into the family of God brings with it. For too long the enemy has lied to believers and convinced them to accept less than who they are. We see ourselves as unworthy because we buy into the lie that we are just sinners saved by grace. Grant it, I was a sinner and I have been saved by grace but that hard won salvation brings to me the power and privilege of son ship. I now have the ability to walk in the victory and blessing that my Godly heritage has provided for me. I would like to invite you to join us this Sunday as we answer the question, “Who are you.”